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A completely variable fan coil solution

Demand-Controlled Fan Coil System

The ComforTRAC™ delivers ultimate comfort by recognizing changing room conditions and adjusting automatically, matching the real-time variable load in virtually any indoor environment. Since moving BTUs in water is a superior method to moving them in air, ComforTRAC™ provides a higher level of comfort with lower system costs and greater energy efficiency.

The ComforTRAC™ variable fan coil is a leading-edge demand-controlled fan coil, offering variable CFM, GPM, LAT, and dehumidification. Ideal applications include classrooms, conference and meeting rooms, dorms, suites, common areas, or any space where comfort is required.


  • Demand-controlled system performance to match the heating and cooling needs in any environment
  • Demand-controlled energy consumption for efficient energy usage
  • Open Protocol-compatible for easy incorporation into building automation systems (BAS)
  • Lower flow requirements and reduced pipe size
  • Self-balancing and self-cleaning capabilities
  • Air temperature control based on real-time space and system variations


Wasted Energy Zone chart